Vita Hernia Center

Vita Hernia Center is your central location for all hernia care and repairs. Our staff consists of specialists from the fields of General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, and Bariatric Surgery. We are prepared to handle all types of hernia repairs with a patient-centered approach, choosing the best surgical procedure for each individual patient.

Time and research have shown that patient outcomes are related to surgeon experience, regardless of whether the hernia repair is routine or complex. We bring together the right team for your care at Vita Hernia Center. With a staff of physicians adept at open surgery and minimally invasive techniques, the Hernia Center is able to adapt to each patient's specific needs, this modern day approach leads to better clinical outcomes and improves patient satisfaction

Our medical staff meets once a month in order to convey information gathered on the job and discuss specific patients, in order to better ourselves and keep innovating. We utilize evidence-based protocols designed to optimize patients for surgery and achieving the best possible outcomes.



Spigelian hernia
Epigastric hernia
Lumbar hernia
Inguinal hernia
Femoral hernia
Umbilical hernia

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1407 Sofia
Vita Hospital (Second Building ) - № 10 Filip Kutev Str.,
Phones: 02 45 22 000

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